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His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta
Swami Prabhupada
Krishna says man-manā bhava madbhakto
mad-yājī mā namaskuru
— “Always think of me, become my
devotee, worship me and offer obeisances
unto me.” [Bg. 18.65]. He does
not say any big, bombastic thing.
It’s very simple. It doesn’t require
an M.A. or Ph.D. education to learn these four
things. Anyone, even a child, can do it. It is very
easy. If you daily see the deity in the temple, or
if you have got a deity at home, even a child will
become habituated to think of Krishna. It is not
at all difficult. And if you chant the Hare Krishna
mahā-mantra, that is also thinking of Krishna.
If you continue this then you can become his
devotee. Is it very expensive? No. patra pupa
phala toya yo me bhaktyā prayacchati, you can offer
Krishna a little water or a tulasī leaf [Bg. 9.26].
Or if tulasī leaf is not available, any leaf will do. He
does not say it must be a tulasī leaf. So what is the
difficulty to secure a little water, a leaf, or a small
flower? The real thing is bhakti. Even if you are
the poorest of the poor you can become a devotee.
If you want to become a devotee of Krishna, there
is no impediment in all the three worlds. You can
become a devotee; it is so easy. If you want to be a
rich man it requires so much trouble. So long as you
do not desire to become rich, then you are peaceful.
And as soon as you desire to become a rich man,
it will be all activities how to acquire money this
way or that way. Everyone tries to become a rich
man because they think that in my old age I’ll
have some income and I shall peacefully relax.
You are already sitting down peacefully. Why
take another means
— From a lecture in Bombay. 20 December 1975.
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