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Excerpts from Sunday Feast lecture

Last week, in the Sunday feast lecture, H.G. Gaur Gopal Prabhu, spoke on the glories of Lord Narsimhadev and the prayers of Prahlad Maharaj. Following are a few important points from the lecture:

1. In the 7th canto of Srimad Bhagavatam, there is a tussle between seeing the presence of matter in spirit (Hiranyakashipu not being able to see Lord Narasimhadev, thinking his body is made of material energy) and seeing spirit in matter (Prahlad Maharaj seeing the Lord in a pillar)

2. Just like a capitalist sees money everywhere, Prahlad Maharaj was seeing Krishna everywhere

3. Some activities of Lord Narsimhadev showing His “Ati Adbhuta Rupam” qualities:

a. Bharat Muni says in Natyashatra that it is impossible for any human to show two contradictory emotions in his eyes at one point of time. However Lord Narsimhadev was looking at Hiranyakashipu with raging anger with one eye and with the other eye He was glancing with love and compassion at Prahlad Maharaj

b. The Lord’s palms are soft like lotus. Tip of the lotus is the softest part. However, nails of the Lord are not soft but are hard like thunderbolt. Black bumble bees are always around lotus to take nectar. The first time in Bramha’s creation the lotus (Lord Narsimhadev’s hands) became a cause for the death of bumble bee (Hiranyakashipu)

4. A devotee approached Srila Prabhupada several to revalidate the exact spot where Lord Narsimhadev appeared so that they could publish the same in a book. Srila Prabhupada emphasized on the fact that Lord Narsimhadev is everywhere (hito, parato, yato yato yamitato, baher, hridaye Narsimha) and it is not so important where He appeared from; our philosophy to surrender to Him.

5. Hiranyakashipu was delivered due to Vaishnava smaranam. He was always thinking of Prahlad Maharaj (although with the motive of killing him). Vasinava smaranam is easier than Vishnu smaranam

6. Prayers of Prahlad Maharaj:

a. Lord Narsimhadev was pleased when Prahlad maharaj paid his obeisances. We must understand that if we don’t surrender willingly now, Krishna will make us surrender at the time of death (final obeisance). Proper consciousness (Offering your heart to the Lord) is important while offering obeisances, otherwise it is simply an exercise which reduce some fat in the body.

b. Temple of Lord “Narsingh”dev is real “nursing” home. All the wounds will be cleansed within the heart.

c. Prahlad Maharaj, being son of Hiranyakashipu had demoniac blood in his veins. However simply by touch of Lord all ashubha was washed away. Krishna consciousness means trying to get the touch of Krishna . It’s just not a physical touch but touch of the mercy of Lord Krishna and His devotees. By this touch, our life is transformed and purification starts

d. As soon as ashubha want away, Prahlad Maharaj became very attentive & fixed. When the mind is freed, it become focused. In a devotee’s life, the touch of Krishna or the Holy Name is important. It will happen only when we don’t commit any offence against devotees

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