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Doyal nitai-caitanya, Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur

Doyal nitai caitanya
by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura

`doyal nitai caitanya’ bole’ nac re amar man
nac re amar man, nac re amara man

Chanting the holy names "Doyal Nitai Caitanya!" Oh my mind dances! Oh my mind dances! Oh my mind dances!

(emon, doyal to nai he, mar kheye prema dey)
(ore) aparadha dure jabe, pabe prema-dhan
(o name aparadha-vicara to nai he)
(takhon) krsna-name ruci ha’be, ghucibe bandhan

Oh! Such a merciful personality as Nityananda Prabhu is not to be found anywhere! He suffers a beating from Jagai and Madhai and still gives them love of God! Oh! When your offenses are vanquished, you will obtain the treasure of love of God! But in these names of Caitanya and Nitai there is no consideration of offenses! Once you have a taste for the holy name of Krsna, bondage to this world will come to an end.

(krsna-name anurag to ha’be he)
(takhon) anayase saphal ha’be jivera jivan
(krsna-rati vina jivan to miche he)
(ese) brndabane radha-syamer pa’be darasan
(gaura-krpa ha’le he)

Oh! When there is attachment to the holy name of Krsna, then very easily the life of a living being becomes successful! Oh! Without affection for Krsna, life is simply useless! At the end of life you will obtain the beautiful vision of Radha and Syama in Vrndavana, only if the mercy of Lord Gaura is received! Oh!

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